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St. John's Lutheran Church and Academy

St. John's website has an event calendar, forums, and regular content updates. It was important that families have access to timely information pertinent to the day to day community of the church and academy. This site is maintained by volunteer efforts.

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Matt Manzeck Construction, Inc.

This company needed an avenue by which prospective customers could see the quality of work that they could expect. Mainly informational, this sites' centerpiece is the photo gallery.

Visit Matt Manzeck Consrtuction

The Mantech website catalog section is database driven using Open Source PHP\MySQL enterprise quality scripting and database software and server technology. In addition to the cost savings of utilizing Open Source technologies, content can easily be updated allowing Mantech's customers to view and print various product specifications based on current information and techniques.

ISO Compliant Intranet

A manufacturing company needed a system in place that would allow them central control and distribution of policy and procedure documentation, production programs, and QA data recording and reporting. A basic 6 host peer-to-peer network was transformed into a 30 host domain that meets the ISO 9002 standard for the above mentioned controls. A Microsoft Exchange Server provides email and machine scheduling functionality while QA and policy documentation is provided via web access through a custom intranet front-end and a SQL server back-end. Server-side security policies provide internal network security and program controls.

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